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‘The CVS New Graduate Programme is a complete CPD and pastoral programme designed to support you in your first two years of practice. We currently employ circa 100 new graduates each year and with our wide range of practices across the UK, including Northern Ireland, there’s a practice to suit everyone, from large 24 hour hospitals to small community practices.

As a CVS New Graduate you will be employed on a full time basis, with a starting salary of 30k (plus bonuses), rising to 35k by your third year. While we tend to take in most new graduates after summer graduation, our programme is flexible enough for you to join us all year around.

We want you to feel confident and competent, so our two year CPD programme is designed to help you develop practical clinical skills, as well as training in wellbeing and resilience. You will be assigned a trained clinical mentor and with regular meetings we’ll help make sure you feel supported as you transition from student to qualified vet, identify any other training needs and help you ensure your PDP achievements are progressing well.

Although our programme is designed to cover most first opinion skills you’ll need, if you have a clinical focus you would like to pursue further there is also the option to undertake short-term externships in OOHs at our dedicated OOH centres and/or specific disciplines at one of our referral hospitals.
After completing the programme you can chose to remain at your practice, continuing to develop into a spectacular GP vet, and perhaps even mentor the next round of new graduates to come through. However you also have the opportunity to pursue a career in practice management, or undertake a fully funded certificate or consider working at one of our referral hospitals or laboratories. Whatever your passion, we hope you will remain with us and help us continue to provide high quality client and animal care for many years to come’

Lyn Foster BVetMed PhD MRCVS
New Graduate Programme Manager

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Daisy Sutton

Veterinary Surgeon – CVS New Graduate Programme

Studley Road Vets

This is Daisy's story.


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