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‘Clinical Directors and Practice Managers are vital to the successful leadership, performance and development of every practice.

Clinical and Practice Directors

We have over 250 Clinical Directors (CDs) and Practice Directors (PDs) in CVS and some absolutely exceptional people leading their practices in clinical standards, team mentoring & development and commercial success & growth.

Our Clinical Directors and Practice Directors are a mixture of owners who have stayed following acquisition, clinical professionals who have joined us directly as CDs/PDs and vets and nurses who have progressed internally within their practices/the wider CVS Group into CD/PD roles. Whilst some of our Clinical Director positions require a veterinary surgeon in the role, we have a growing number of experienced nurses who have progressed into Practice Director positions.

As a CD or PD, you will be supported by experts across the Group for guidance on legal, human resource, financial and marketing matters (to name a few), allowing you to focus on work within the practice and what really matters. Alongside typical CPD, we are mindful that we have colleagues who want to take on leadership roles, however, are concerned that they have not perhaps had previous formal training/experience in leadership and management, therefore we have two internal development programmes to support this, and they are:

LEAP – a bespoke management development programme, designed for newly promoted managers.

Aspirational Leadership Programme (ALP) – this is our industry leading development programme for veterinary professionals designed to identify and develop our future leaders.

Practice Management

We also have over 250 Practice Managers working across the Group and some brilliant professionals who ensure, to name just a few things, that their practices perform & operate smoothly and efficiently, their colleagues are well managed, developed & supported, there is a marketing strategy for their practice and that the reception teams are focused on providing an exceptional customer experience.

As a Practice Manager, you will have access to a support network across the Group to provide you with the answers you need, when you need them and a peer group with who you can share best practice and continuous improvement initiatives. You will also have access to training and development and programmes like LEAP - our bespoke management development programme, designed for newly promoted managers.

Our Practice Managers have joined the group from both the veterinary sector, where they bring sector experience and expertise AND from outside of the veterinary sector, where they have been able to bring fresh ideas and ways of thinking.’

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Diane M. Leighton

Practice Manager

Miller and Swann

This is Diane's story.


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