This is for Farm Vets

Our vision is to become the Farm veterinary leader and to be recognised by our peers as providing the best support, career and development opportunities to our colleagues and exceptional services and expertise to our clients.

We have some fantastic large and mixed animal practices across the UK – from Wales to Yorkshire to Cornwall to Northern Ireland, primarily treating cattle, sheep, dairy and pigs, for clients who range from small holdings to large dairy farms. We pursue a holistic approach to veterinary services on farm and want to be involved with all aspects of health & welfare and to provide other livestock services like locomotion and body condition scoring, foot trimming and freeze branding.

We continually aim to improve our surgical procedures and have our own clinical audit for the various procedures we perform – collecting data about the animals we treat, before, during and after procedures and the type of operations performed, in order to enable us to evaluate and make continuous improvements. Farm veterinary work is as challenging as it is rewarding and we look for colleagues who want to make a real difference to animals and owners.

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