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Tim Sparrow BSc(Hons) BVM&S MRCVS

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Lumbry Park

I knew before graduation that I loved surgery and was fortunate to be given plenty of training and surgical experience during my EMS placements and, even before my graduation, I enrolled in a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery. Having completed the internship I worked in mixed practice in rural Scotland where I had a large amount of exposure to surgery in cattle, sheep and small animals. I was often working alone and this gave me a great amount of experience in using my training and education to deal with what was in front of me at the time.

After eight years in general practice (both mixed practice and small animal) I knew that I wanted to perform more complicated and challenging soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and sought out my contacts in referral practices. I was able to spend my free time shadowing consultations and surgeries and I was then fortunate enough to be accepted for a residency in small animal surgery.

I am a firm believer that you must enjoy the work you do and specialising in surgery has enriched and fulfilled my working life (although I would say that this has been achieved through a great deal of hard work and sacrifice). Seeing a positive outcome and the differences to patients is extremely satisfying and I also relish the contact and the interaction with my clients. Working within a referral setting also allows me to share knowledge and interact with colleagues from the different disciplines - and there is always something to learn.

Working for CVS has been an excellent experience for me - I have been able to join Lumbry Park whilst it is still in its early stages of development and have been heavily involved in how the surgery and orthopaedic department runs operationally. I wanted to come on board due to the facilities that are on offer and to join a brilliant team of clinicians. Overall my time at Lumbry Park has been a great journey and I am looking forward to continuing to develop the range of services we offer here at the hospital.