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Hattie Lawrence BVSc MRCVS

  • Clinical Director
  • Valley Equine Hospital

I have worked at Valley Equine Hospital for 5 years, having spent almost my entire career of 20 years working in various roles in equine practice in the Lambourn Valley. CVS acquired the practice in April 2016, and I took over as Clinical Director in April 2017 having become increasingly interested in the management side of equine practice as my career has developed. I still do a significant amount of clinical work and have particular interests in poor performance in the racehorse, especially lameness and overground endoscopy.

Being part of CVS has given me the opportunity to develop my management skills whilst receiving excellent support from senior management and head office, and for the first time in my career I can see a clear and positive pathway for interesting professional development. At the same time, CVS has enabled us as a practice to focus on clinical and management excellence so that we can develop and grow in an increasingly competitive market place.