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Daisy Sutton BVetMed MRCVS

  • Veterinary Surgeon – CVS New Graduate Programme
  • Studley Road Vets

When I was leaving RVC, I didn’t know loads about CVS but I knew I wasn’t interested in some of the other grad schemes out there because of people who’d gone through them.

Studley Road Vets was great for me and the location was ideal. I currently do a 4 day week - 2 long, 2 short. A short consult day is 8.45am - 6.30pm and the long days are 8.30am - 8pm - which I don’t mind as I then get a day off. I love that.

After spending rotations at vet school in a referral unit, it is completely different in practice and you need a good team around you to support you. When you’re working in practice, what you are responsible for hits you - that animal under anaesthetic is your responsibility, it’s on you. All the teaching in the world can’t prepare you for that moment. That’s why the support on the graduate programme and in practice is so vital.

On EMS placements you don’t always get fully involved, so it is a huge change when you start work. Initially, I first concentrated on doing vaccines and progressed at the speed that was right for me. I’m now comfortable to be on my own on evenings and Saturdays.

The CVS New Grad days are so worthwhile and they are more than enough to cover your CPD in the first 2 years. The days are very hands-on and interesting and you get to meet grads from the other CVS practices in your region. The days cover a variety of topics - such as a practical day on emergency surgery and another on ultrasound.